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Lowest 5% flat handling & eNETS and Credit / Debit Card transaction fee. 24x7, Buy Phone Card, Calling Card, Topup and Callback Card instantly.
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Pay via Oversea iBanking

This is special note for Oversea Internet Banking user, Please also check on How to Make Payment for general information.
S$0.00 Internet Banking & Credit/Debit Card transaction fee for all items in our shop;  unlike other sites, they may charge at least S$1 or 5% (which is highter) for paying via Internet Banking, even more for paying via Credit/Debit Card.

After Checkout, just follow the instructions on the screen, you will complete the payment and get your PINs immediately in order history of your account, you will receive the email with purchased PINs at same time.  Don't worry, Just Do It!

With Moneybookers, we accept :

For New User : ( No pre-reregister required, just follow the normal checkout procedure, you will get both of free and Moneybookers account on the spot)

1,  Pay via Your local internet banking payment gateway (if not applicable for your country, please refer Q6 in Q&A section and Moneybookers FQA) :

payment via enets

Please select Country by your preferred bank issued country, then select payment type of  your local payment gateway according ,  (For first time user, Moneybookers may ask you to choose one password, and create a free account for you ).

2, Credit card, Debit card issued by your country :

payment via credit card

Please select Country by your preferred Credit / Debit Card issued country, then select payment type of Credit Card :


For Registered User :

Please select your favorite payment method  after login: ( if you want to pay via your Moneybookers's account balance, you need to upload fund to your Moneybookers account first. your Moneybookers account will be updated instantly )

If you prefer to pay from your Moneybookers account Balance, You can even top-up your Moneybookers account with free via Banktranfer or internet Banking (recommend).

For payment via registered Credit Card, Moneybookers still requires to enter CVC code each time for security reason.

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